Welcome, so why the blog?

So I’m starting this blog and you are most likely reading this because I have in some way dragged you here (you can save this in your favourites while you’re here!) 🙂 this is at least a decade into the blogging-sphere I know, I have been thinking of doing this for some time having recently just come back from a “life pause” and considering what different changes I wanted to put in my life. This is all experimental on my part but I wanted to find a way to keep in touch with friends and family and share what is happening to me in a meaningful way particularly as:

  • I’m thinking of leaving facebook (most likely will keep instagram though)
  • this would be a good way to be externally accountable for my life goals (book goals, fitness goals, personal interests etc)
  • a way to record life milestones – and coming back to remember milestones – yes including kids one day! (Not yet)
  • projects I’m working on, things of interest, maybe mates rates one day who knows…

Questions, is this “A”s blog too? Well, it is our joint website, and he’ll definitely get lots of mentions on this blog as “darling husband”, there may be other future plans with the website some day… Pictures of what you had for breakfast? I’ll try not to. Anything else? I think that’s it. So yes, thanks for stopping by, please come again! 🙂


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