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Week gets quite full, and I forgot to stop and write. Two weekends ago, I was in my home town in Tasmania, and first time since coming back from our travels, and I totally relished it up, just catching up with my family and enjoyed every moment of it. It was full as you can imagine there was lots to catch up on. I would love to spend more time there. But then the long weekend dream came to an end for now back into work mode. We’re in this sort of mental cycle focused on our financial house future. Some time for exercise, some time for reading, repeat. In some ways I’m dredging it (will it end?) but we also just need to be strong about it, be careful, be patient, think of all possible scenarios, and not rush into it. We are just so really ready! On a mental personal level, I have really felt the need/craving for space for my own thoughts. I did a lot of reflecting when we were travelling, about life pre-Cambodia and different areas I thought could be done a bit differently when we come back. So I’m glad to have found a tiny pocket of time last weekend to think more about that, thinking about guiding principles & values. I also felt intuitively I still needed some deeply loving space, I’ve felt a lot of mother family energy surrounding me in the last couple of weeks, back in Tasmania, just drawn to making hearty stables, wanting to go back to Moksha where I completed my yoga teaching training two years ago immersed in an intense learning year and being a part of my yogi family there, I felt so strongly I wanted to be there this week (despite it being an hour train ride from where I am now). And so yes I did, I attended their three hour Intensive on Unconditional Self Love (Atma Prema). Felt grateful to have allowed that energetic nourishing!


Quotes I’ve wanted to keep….

The Universe always see it when we reach the bottom of ourselves. And so, it sends flowers, and candles and light – Sophie Gregoire

Beautiful mantra :¬†My career’s coming together. My purpose is becoming clearer & clearer. My circle’s beautiful. My life is thriving. I am so grateful to be present & to be healthy. I am so grateful to have people rooting for me as I chase my dreams. Life is amazing. I am choosing positivity.

The greatest battles of life  are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul.



“bringing” Mr to do some bush walking with me!


Scenes from hometown in Tasmania <3



Morning commute


Evening city walk


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