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So I’m just about to finish reading ‘7 effective habits of highly successful people’ by Stephen Covey. I initially thought the book was obvious! But… there were some things I took away from it for a life that is synergistic full and interconnected. It’s becoming more clearer to me that if I lack intention at the start of what I’ll be doing, I can soon be distracted with other non-important things, other people’s things (instead of my own), other seemingly ‘urgent’ things and I guess essentially not get the best use of time/not being mindful of my time. I started writing things that I wanted to prioritise and wanted to put at the fore-front of what I do etc inspired by Laura Vanderkam’s TED talk and then also her blog and podcast (it has really changed the way that I view time – and yes I might do another blog about this in the future), I have been doing a lot of reflecting. At the start of Stephen Covey’s book there was a chapter about ‘begin with the end in mind’, it talked about a personal mission statement and guiding principles. So even before the goal setting and prioritising, there’s the re-confirming what one stands for and whether the goals align with that too… It’s another consideration on a deeper level… Anyways here is mine as an example…

I live life with an abundance mentality. I live and lead with integrity (honesty, bravery, trustworthiness, unwavering morals/ethics, fair, genuine/sincere). I strive to be and do better holistically, striking a balance with nurturing the mind and body, intellectually, physically, spiritually, financially, aspirationally, sustainability, with the resources I have, with reason, with consideration and creativity. I seek fluidity / connection / engagement between my mind and body (including subtle psychic layers), the conceptual self and expressive self. I contain, protect, (and where needed) expand my own energy sources and boundaries. I strive for educated, compassion and substantial over shallow, indifference, keeping the status quo. As a wife, daughter, sister, friend, community member with integrity, and self-love I give empathy, support, care, non-judgement, humour, and love. I seek meaningful connections with like minded humans, in a mutually giving and sharing relationship that lifts up, enjoys, celebrates, supports and carries each other through our own human evolution/higher selves.

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