83 dreams

Inspired by Laura Vanderkam “list of 100 dreams”. I made it 83 :). This is my go to, for now and then, for a spare half day somewhere, my next project, my next medium-term to longer-term goals. This will be a more spaced out goal setting tool for me and that I’m still trialing (it will be a longer trial). I’m seeing how it goes. So I started the list this year. I envision I will re-visit/change now and then, but update definitely in 3-5 years time. Perhaps the travel and study goals will take a bit longer to get through and will have to carry through for a while. Would love to know if others list their goals too.


  1. Study and know really well Buddhism
  2. Study and know really well yoga philosophy
  3. Study and know really well history of jazz and/or blues
  4. Study and know really well Rumi
  5. Study and know really well art history
  6. Find a women’s circle in Melbourne
  7. Complete a 10 day silent meditation Vipassana course (done)
  8. Study and speak fluent Hindi
  9. Learn (….) and surprise (this lucky person! hehe!)
  10. Get a tattoo
  11. Go to a japanese bath (done)
  12. Run a half marathon
  13. Do an Indian vegetarian/vegan culinary course
  14. Get a bike
  15. Research and implement an ethical lifestyle
  16. Update self-defense skills
  17. Learn how to make bread
  18. Learn how to make pies
  19. Learn how to make raw dessert
  20. Go to one music concert to see a famous person
  21. Focus on a different salad per week for a year
  22. Trial project 333/capsule wardrobe
  23. Capture my life with a daily short video for a year
  24. Learn basic maths (matrice level)
  25. Learn basic chemistry and/or physics (matrice level)
  26. Write a fiction short story
  27. Volunteer at the zoo
  28. Volunteer at the museum and/or art gallery
  29. Volunteer as a mentor
  30. Volunteer on a conservation project
  31. Volunteer at the library
  32. Volunteer for foster kids
  33. Join a choir for a year
  34. Get a piano
  35. Finish my piano grades/complete up to Amus piano
  36. Have an artistically designed room or space with buddhas and/or teacups
  37. Find an art medium that I am drawn to
  38. Make my own skincare routine
  39. Make my own soaps, shampoos, cleaning products etc
  40. Try a plastic free July

41. Date night once a month
42. Test cricket match day
43. Partner yoga together (done)
44. Buy a house together
45. Update emergency contingency plan
46. Learn how to juggle together


47. Find my yoga tribe
48. Study more about yoga nidra
49. Study more about chakra system
50. Study more about anatomy
51. Study more/be qualified in yin yoga and/or children’s yoga
52. Exposure to more complex insurance matters
53. Find equivalent one day yoga teaching
54. Do toastmasters or similiar

55. Crow
56. Progress more in side crow
57. Scorpion without wall
58. Go on a week long yoga retreat
59. Tittibhasana
60. Pinchamayurasana
61. Flying Pigeon
62. Standing splits straighter
63. Compass pose
64. Feeling so comfortable in acroyoga
65. Grasshopper
66. yoga-ing on a SUP
67. Ashtavakrasana
68. Ardha Baddha Padmottasana more comfortably
69. Headstand tripod transitioning to variations
70. Practice fluently favourite/purposeful chants/mantras

71. Try skiing
72. Go to an ashram in India
73. Go to Morocco
74. Go to Europe
75. Go hiking in an US national park
76. Go bush-walking in Tasmania
77. Go to Uluru
78. Go on a wine drive in regional Victoria or NSW
79. Go to the Blue Mountains
80. Go to Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs
81. Do a kayak wilderness experience
82. Go to Canada Banff
83. Do a roadtrip to Australia East Coast

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