natural zero-waste skincare routine

In the past, I would buy my skin care products from the bodyshop, I still do like the company, in that it gives back to the community and they have lovely things. But back then unfortunately even this company had used mircobeads that could easily find its way into the ocean and be swallowed up by ocean creatures. As a consumer, I was not so impressed to know I had bought a product that had that impact! On top of that, back then it felt like a lot of work and splashy. It was a work in progress and then I stopped.

I have only thought about a routine again recently as I’m noticing my skin does easily breaks out and as I’m getting… older and noticing all these lines! Why I start drifting towards making my own skincare was to safeguard against a harmful effect on the environment. And then I attended a Mademoiselle Organic’s DIY skincare workshop (two now in fact) and discovered many more benefits, first of all it is possible to have an easy routine, it can be as simple as making ‘instant’ recipes that you can apply straight to your face. It is not expensive, you do not need to buy heaps and heaps ingredients, some can be found in the kitchen and you can use many of the same ingredients for the different products. Guaranteed no harmful chemicals. Some people can have reactions to certain chemicals in skin products, and the appeal here is you know what is going on your skin by using natural and certified organic ingredients, another up-side, not having to resort to looking at the labels all the time.  And: zero-waste – being cost effective also means you don’t have to keep buying plastic bottles, throwing out, and then buy again. With DIY routine you can re-use the containers, even better to re-use glass bottles. So little by little, one can reduce its impact on the environment.

With my own face skincare routine, so far I’m mixing Sukin skincare products with my DIY products. It looks a bit like:

Cleansing – Sukin
Toner – either water splashes or chamomile tea or green tea
Scrub (usually 1-2 a week) blended salt and avocado & olive oil
Night/day cream – my DIY product
Moisturiser – Sukin

At the moment, routine is still splashy (it’s probably meant to be, I know), but I’ve noticed my skin feels so firm supported and soft and absolutely in love with the products I’ve learnt how to make with the course. I’m looking forward to doing some more experimenting perhaps with lavender oil. In addition to this I’ve learnt how to make lipbalm and bodybalm/handcream. Future goal is making a chocolate peppermint or chocolate orange lipbalm.

If you are interested to know more, I definitely recommend going onto the Mademoiselle Organic website. There are some great articles on the subject and workshop information. Next year, I’m planning to do go to her DIY haircare workshops.

Joanie 🙂

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