year in reflection

So I have been living mostly offline recently except for some facebook and instragram photos…holding tight with last minute performance measures, end of year social events and last catch ups for the year (including my first escape room!) and then 7 days back on the island, eating, (some) drinking and festivities, the usual Christmas thing was done a bit differently, but different was fine too. Most important thing is being with family during this time. Highlights were Christmas homeless lunch, also playing on the switch, swimming in the cold Lake Barrington, walking through the Gorge and reiminscing at Tamar Island and walking in Ulverstone town and beach.

It has been a fortunate year where Mr and I experienced working overseas in Cambodia in our own ‘gap year’ – or what I call life pause. Opportunity for lots of space, for reading, reflecting, resting and adventure. I will always be so grateful for this time, meeting beautiful life friends along the way, being part of beautiful yoga community (Nataraj) and the biggest honour of teaching yoga at Cambodian Children’s Fund, temple hopping. Another thing I am most proud of was completing my first Vipassana 10 day silent meditation course (not for the faint hearted, but worth it!) just to name some things…

Other ticked off things in 2018

#1: Watch at least 12 movies directed by women (as inspired by this TEDtalk)(and a great resource: movies by her)

1: Ladybird
2: Appropriate behavior
3: Lipstick under my burkha
4: Birds are singing in Kigali
5: A united kingdom
6: The zoo keeper’s wife
7: Under the Tuscan sun
8: The girl in the book
9: Me Before you
10: Ava
11: I am Jane Doe
12: Yelling to the sky
13: The breadwinner

#2: Read (atleast) 12 books

1: The Tibetan book of living and diving : Sogyal Rinpoche
2: Fragrant palm leaves : Thich Nhat Hanh
3: Shantaram : Gregory David Roberts
4: Getting past your past : Francine Shapiro
5: Charlie and the chocolate factory : Roald Dahl
6: The complete guide to yin yoga : Bernie Clarke
7: One hundred years of solitude : Gabriel Garcia Marquez
8: Sadhana The Path of Transformation : Swami Sivananda Saraswati & Swami Satyanda Saraswati
9: The kite runner : Khaled Hosseini
10: The Bronze Horseman : Paullina Simons
11: The bridge to Holy Cross : Paullina Simons
12: The way of the lover : Ross Heaven
13: The art of stillness : Pico Iyer

PS. sorry for the random ‘spam’ blog posts – sorting out some hacking technological challenges – hopefully sorted.

Love + light!
Wishing everyone a fun, fulfilling and insightful year in 2019 🙂

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