An art gallery, an antidote for getting ‘out of the head’

Sometimes it takes physically moving into a different environment to let some mundune ruminations dissipate away. This long weekend called for afternoon naps, art gallery wandering, Kirtan, lounging, amongst normal weekend stuff, and later on a women’s circle. Healing, processing, embracing. Remembering, it’s not happening to me, it’s happening through me.

I love the idea of going to an art gallery on my day off, and loved making the idea come true. Escher’s work is quite mesmerising contrasting, lots of subtle and intricate details, just fascinating. It does feel like being in another world, that is perhaps his intent.
Some favourites:

So this was Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds at NGV (recommend going, it’s on until 7 April).
Another part of the gallery in the cover picture is a mirror assembly, and this a mini dream of mine:

Music: Beethoven silence, King of Tomorrow finally, Mayawaska vinyasa mix;

Exercise record: bush walking (Monday), lunch time running (Tuesday – crazy I get it), HP small group (Thursday), running (Saturday). C210k app transfer. Mostly legs, sore wrist that needs to rest.

New favourite place: Lysterfield Lake (beautiful, this time so excited to have seen an echidna).

Wise advice from a nutritionist who has studied at university for 6 years rather than an “expert” from a popular magazine: It’s ok to eat carbs after 5pm; just checking the relationship we have with food, holistically and considering our goals, it won’t make a difference if you want to eat that one tiny high fat food sometimes, so no need to feel guilty about it;

Getting with the times: My face can now unlock my phone, revolutionary! Haha!

If you have a spare one hour and half, I cannot recommend this podcast episode more highly, please find some time for it: Tim Ferris podcast with Susan Cain : How to overcome fear and embrace creativity.

And changing the notion of ‘impersonal fast networking’ to authentic working relationships, another good read: Forget Networking – Build a Community – Rob Goodman.

Work-life win: just getting a 9 day fortnight 🙂

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