We are intricately interconnected. We don’t always know what is happening in other’s lives but just doing something thoughtful, however big, however small, can make an impact on someone’s day. I love doing random (ly organised) acts of kindness for this reason. I want to add below more and different ideas – some free, some for a few pennies.

*love letters – you can also check out Tedtalk: Hannah Brencher: love letters to strangers

*gish – the greatest international scavenger hunt – they have a big scavenger hunt during the year. There are some bizarre and weird and wonderful items, and a lot of random charity stuff that I never would have imagined I could or would do, for example setting up a coffee/tea station at Flinders Street before work, organising a care package for a hospital cancer patient, encouraging twitter message to NASA spacemen, the list goes on. But worth checking out!